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Deuter Race Exp Air

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What makes this Deuter Race EXP Air 12 + 3 backpack unique is ventilation - no point of contact with the body has been neglected. Deuter has used an inner frame and a trampoline-like lining to keep the contents of the pack from your back at a certain distance. Add in the ventilated shoulder and waist straps, and your body will be sweaty only in extreme heat.
The straps of the hip belt are wide at their base, but taper towards the end so that the backpack holds well in the hips. This - coupled with a special mesh lining - helps Race EXP Air to grip the rider tightly and stay that way even on very bumpy roads, whether it's rural off-road or abandoned factory grounds, not to mention sprint runs between traffic lights.

EXP stands for Expandable: the backpack is equipped with a zippered pocket, thanks to which you get an additional 3 liters of capacity in addition to the standard 12. And if that's not enough for you, there is a helmet net in a secret pocket that attaches from the outside.

The rigid frame means that you have no way to squeeze the interior space, and if the backpack is not full, some things will just dangle inside it. For example, when we carried only one camera with us, it seemed that it twitches every time we pedal. Therefore, in addition to the camera, we also tucked a jacket into the backpack - this solved the problem, and Race EXP Air again began to seem like a long-armed and leggy lemur, firmly clinging to its back.

The backpack has plenty of room for water, with two side bottle pockets and an inner sleeve for the drinking system. However, the Race EXP Air does not come with a drinking system - Deuter sells it separately, so you can choose the capacity you want. Each shoulder strap has hose loops, and the backpack itself has a Velcro pocket, so any drinking system should work.
In an attempt to keep the weight of the backpack within the allowable 940 g (although 870 g is claimed), its creators abandoned the complex internal "finishing". The front pocket has a small divider for essentials, but the main compartment has no divider. It didn't bother us too much, but if you carry a lot of small things with you, this compromise can become unpleasant for you.

Race EXP Air is made from ripstop and we found this material to be strong and tough. Even after a couple of months of heavy use and constant overload, the backpack looked good enough to be put back on the shelf again. This material can protect the contents of the backpack from rain, but for particularly heavy showers, a case is included - with a fluorocarbon coating - which is stored in a separate pocket at the base of the backpack.

So, if you need a backpack for your commute to carry your laptop, then this is not your choice. But it's great for carrying a change of clothing to go on a day-long bike trip or even a marathon race with unknown conditions. Race EXP Air is a good choice that will serve you for years to come.


  • Lightweight ventilated mesh shoulder straps
  • Chest strap with comfortable adjustment
  • Removable helmet mount
  • Pocket for wet clothes
  • Side mesh pockets
  • Front pocket and zippered pocket for small items
  • 3M reflectors front, rear and sides
  • Loop for attaching a night marker light


  • Height (in cm): 47cm
  • Width (in cm): 24cm
  • Depth (in cm): 22cm
  • Weight (in g): 870g
  • Volume(in L): 12+3L