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Deuter Kid Comfort Active

₱10,446.50 ₱12,290.00


Convenient and absolutely safe for children, the Deuter Kid Comfort Active with a handle, pockets for small items and straps is the ideal solution for those who love family travel and country trips. The functional design combines impeccable workmanship, modern innovation and signature, stylish design. The outer part of the carrier is made of high-density, high-strength synthetic material that resists tearing and abrasion. The model is equipped with a tightening strap with a PullForward system, stabilizer lines, a zip bag located on the hip fender. Beneath the seat is a well-ventilated, roomy mesh compartment with drawcords and a hook.


  • Height (in cm): 70cm
  • Width (in cm): 43cm
  • Depth (in cm): 34cm
  • Weight (in g): 2400
  • Volume(in L): 14L